This introduction video gives details on the ethos of My Life. My Life is about having fun, getting messy, and being outdoors and out of the classroom. My Life really reaches to the core of guiding the learners to reach their full potential in a practical and enjoyable way.

Please enjoy watching the Introduction video.


The Ready section of the My Life programme really paves the way for the learners in their lifelong learning journey.

It includes such sessions as building confidence, stress management and lifelong learning and sets the foundation on which the learners can build their much needed skills.

Please watch one of our experienced tutors guide Michelle on the start of her journey.


The Steady section of the My Life programme contains the most modules of each section and is really the core of the programme.

It includes such sessions as personal hygiene, communication and money management.

Watch one of our learners, Josh, as he learns vital team skills, knowledge on how to keep fit and sees the benefits of an active lifestyle.


The Go section of the My Life programme focuses more on helping the independent learner reach their full potential, even entering the work place and managing their own home in an assisted environment.

It includes such sessions as housing, travel and health and safety.

Watch our experienced tutor assist Elizabeth as she puts the health and safety tips into practice.

Healthy Eating Module 2

This video shows how the content of the My Life programme is practical and accessible to a range of learner's abilities.

Through the Healthy Eating Module for example, learners will be able to devise their own healthy meal plan and see how they should include a variety of foods in their diet. They are even shown how to prepare these healthy options in a fun and inviting way.

Please feel free to view the video to see how this is done.