The Learning Disability Week is an annual event which aims to raise awareness of learning disability in the UK, this year’s theme is employment and focuses on providing equal employment opportunities for individuals with learning disabilities. The event is open to residents from all around the country and will support them to think of their own personal growth and ways in which they can develop. Talks on ways of self-development will be taking place from the 19th -25th of June. Through self-development, people with learning disabilities can learn crucial life skills which can really improve their quality of life by giving them more opportunities and chances, statistics show that people with learning disabilities are not as active within communities, this is likely to be an effect of the lack of opportunities for these people. Personal growth is a key factor in finding employment with a learning disability and the process of development will only intensify when the individual begins employment. One of the benefits of employing individuals with learning disabilities is that diverse teams will be created which will mean knowledge and ideas can be shared and all employees can gain from the experience. At My Life Learning we understand the importance of dealing with learning disability. We are also a disability confidence committed employer meaning we provide work for people with disabilities and we challenge attitudes towards disability.

What are Learning Disabilities?

You may wonder what a learning disability means or how it affects people, the truth is there is no single definitive answer because it means something else to every individual that has one. Learning disabilities can be mild or moderate which can determine the individual’s independence. The key to improving learning disabilities is to encourage the individual to be part of the community just the way everyone else is as well as through teaching and sharing knowledge. Through frequent contact and interactions with the community and programmes like My Life it will increase the independence of people who have a learning disability.

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