Parents and Consultants

Supporting Carers and Tutors with a Guided and Structured Programme

For parents and consultants taking on the responsibility of caring for a family member or individual full-time, it can be challenging to find structure day-to-day. We can offer carers and tutors support and training so that they can fully utilise all the features of the My Life Programme in their own home.

The guided step-by-step programme is easy to use and navigate, covering the day to day key skills involved in all aspects of life. In turn, the programme can help both those in care and parents/consultants attain a better value of life. Our main aim is supporting learners to take charge of their own life and helping them to manage the responsibilities that go with it. Ultimately achieving independent living.

Get In Touch

If you are interested in learning more about delivering the My Life programme in your local area or becoming a tutor please contact us by either emailing: info@mylifelearning.co.uk or call: 01708 859 471

We will happily arrange a visit for you to come and see the My Life programme in action.