Local Authorities and Councils

Helping Carers and Learners Attain a Better Value of Life

Every year local authorities and councils spend thousands of pounds on domiciliary care for adults. The My Life programme offers a long-term solution to those in care with the end goal of helping everyone reach their own personal level of independence.

With more people learning the necessary life skills to become independent using a highly accessible and measurable programme, each learner’s personal progress can be monitored, allowing the modules to be tailored to their needs. Not only does the My Life programme help people gain happier, secure and more enjoyable lives, it can save local authorities and councils significant funds in this area.

The resource and budget dedicated to this sector are always stretched, so implementing a programme that can help relieve this strain means the available resource and budget can be put to other use.

Supporting people with living in a way that they can truly flourish and thrive is key to helping both carers and learners have a better value of life and this is what the My Life programme aims to achieve in a rewarding and fun way.

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If you are interested in learning more about delivering the My Life programme in your local area or becoming a tutor please contact us by either emailing: info@mylifelearning.co.uk or call: 01708 859 471

We will happily arrange a visit for you to come and see the My Life programme in action.