Care Homes

A Fun and Rewarding Solution to Achieving Independent Living

Many people living in care homes, if given the right support and tools, can learn many of the necessary skills required to live independently and even go on to enjoy an independent lifestyle to their own personal capabilities. With more people gradually moving on from full-time care it helps alleviate the pressure of highly demanded spaces in care homes and relieves stretched budgets and resources.

The My Life programme is an invaluable learning tool which is extremely accessible and easy to use. Carers can be trained to use this software and work with learners to develop their skills both inside and outside the classroom in a structured manner which can be measured and recorded.

We understand that learning to live independently is different for each individual and the My Life programme is a journey, not a race! This long-term solution is a successful and rewarding way to work with learners so that they can get the most out of their own tailor-made programme and go on to live happy, secure and enjoyable lives.

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If you are interested in learning more about delivering the My Life programme in your local area or becoming a tutor please contact us by either emailing: info@mylifelearning.co.uk or call: 01708 859 471

We will happily arrange a visit for you to come and see the My Life programme in action.