Significant improvements made by learner since moving into Sunnyside house

Since Michelle has lived at Sunnyside she has been supported to access the community. One of the goals Michelle wanted to achieve was to go out to the local shops unsupported. This was a very big step that Michelle took towards her independence and she has now achieved her goal. Michelle can access the local community independently and has very good awareness of road safety and keeping herself safe whilst out in the community.

Michelle is now able to withdraw her weekly budget independently. She can use the cash point competently and safely. Michelle is very assertive when it comes to her money and her budgeting skills have greatly improved. Michelle is also able to go and pay her contribution to care bill independently.

Michelle’s cooking skills have improved significantly. She can now cook a vast range of healthy meals and understands the need to eat fruit and vegetables as well as keeping a balanced diet. Michelle is able to identify healthy and unhealthy foods and always eats three meals a day whereas before she would on eat dinner and maybe lunch.