Significant improvements made by learner since moving into Sunnyside house

Louise was diagnosed with Celiac disease after moving to Sunnyside house. This was quite difficult for Louise to adjust her eating habits to. With the support of staff Louise now understands the foods she can eat and the foods which will affect her health. Louise is able to make the right food choices for herself and can vocalise when she is not able to have something due to her dietary needs.


Louise’s moods can quite often affect her willingness to carry out tasks. In the past staff have found it extremely difficult to get to Louise to engage with any activities which would in turn affect the progress she was making. Although sometimes this can still be a hurdle, Louise has made significant progress in this area and is now carrying out tasks that will improve her quality of life. Louise is cooperating more and more each day and is continuing to make improvements in this area.

Louise has done very well with managing her personal hygiene. In the past Louise would want staff to be with her constantly when bathing or showering, Louise could not wash her own hair and would seek reassurance. Louise is now able to run her own bath and wash her hair. Staff check that she has washed all the shampoo out but she does very well with this.