Significant improvements made by learner since moving into Sunnyside house

When Kimberley moved to Sunnyside she would not hold a conversation and would just nod at whatever she was asked. Kimberley now trusts the staff and other learners and through teaching her communication skills she is very vocal. Kimberley is able to hold a conversation and express her wants and needs.

Kimberley has gained employment volunteering with Children at the local community centre which she really enjoys. This is a big step towards independence and Kimberley has shown commitment, good time keeping skills and communication skills doing this work.

When Kimberley first moved in, she was displaying very challenging behaviour for a period of time. Kimberley has worked with staff to learn positive ways of dealing with conflict and is now managing her emotions in an appropriate way. Kimberly has won learner of the month for this achievement and has proven herself to be very helpful and understanding to others.