Significant improvements made by learner since moving into Sunnyside house

Joshua had gained weight when he moved to Sunnyside house which posed as a risk to his health. Joshua would quite often snack on junk food and eat toast and sandwiches in between meals. Joshua has done really well with identifying healthy and unhealthy dietary options through staff guidance and his My Life Programme and now makes healthier choices when choosing what food to eat, which has resulted in him losing weight and he continues to do so.

Joshua was supported out in the community when he moved to Sunnyside house. Joshua was supported for a long time to access the community which involved working on boundaries, being appropriate, road safety and not talking to strangers. He is now able to access the community safely. Josh still has some improvement to make in this area, however the improvement already made is very positive and has empowered him to access the community independently.

Joshua has progressed extremely well with his daily living skills, He is able to cook a range of meals, doing his own laundry and ironing, clean him room, maintain good personal hygiene, access the community and has even been in employment. When Joshua first moved in he was supported to all of the above tasks. Joshua has now moved into the training flat, the next step from there will be accommodation in the community.