Significant improvements made by learner since moving into Sunnyside house

Communication was an area Gemma really struggled with. Speech and language therapy was sought however due to a long waiting list this was not available until early this year. Staff worked hard with Gemma to encourage her to use words instead of pointing at things she wanted and supported her to build her confidence when speaking with people. The improvement Gemma has made with her communication and confidence is great. In the past Gemma would just point at things which unfortunately made it very difficult for staff to truly know what it was she was trying to communicate, Gemma would then become upset and even angry to the point where she would damage property. Now, Gemma will tell staff when she is upset or in confused about something, she initiates conversations and will speak in front of other people due to a rise in her self-esteem.

Gemma was supported to access the community by staff when she first came to Sunnyside, sometimes due to her lack of confidence and communication skills she would sometimes become angry when in the shop as people did not know what is was she wanted. Gemma now accesses the community independently and is able to let people know what she wants to buy with no trouble at all, if they do not understand what she is saying Gemma will calmly come back to Sunnyside and write it on a bit of paper for the shop keeper.

In the past Gemma was not able to manage her emotions, this resulted in Gemma damaging property, spitting and swearing. Gemma will now often tell staff when she is upset and take staffs advice on board. Gemma will let staff know if she is not getting along with another learner and seek their support to rectify any problems.