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My Life costs are based around learners.

Learner login costs are dependent on the volume that are purchased.

My Life will invoice you in arrears at the end of each month for the peak number of learner logins you have used during the month.

Additional support staff logins are chargeable at £10 PCM. This does not include training costs.

Online Tutor Training is £100.

In house training is £300 per day.

All training costs must be paid in full before the commencement of the training.

You can pay any My Life invoice by cheque made out to:
My Life Learning LTD
BACS – Account No:
Sort Code: - Should the actual account info be here?

If you feel that there is a mistake on your bill you can speak to our accounts department on 01708 859 471.

My Life training is a requirement for anyone wanting to use the product.

Assessor training is designed to enable you to use the software, become a My Life assessor and to observe tutors. This training is carried out in-house.

My life assessor training will expire after a year and will need to be refreshed on a yearly basis.

Tutor training is carried out online. The tutor will need to submit evidence and to be observed by their organisations My Life assessor before being allowed to teach sessions independently.

The online tutor training course will not expire. Assessor will be expected to continually observe tutors and give them feedback on where they need to improve, directing them to the appropriate sections of the online tutor training.

My Life will need several support staff to operate.

We give you the required number of tutor, assessor and providers needed, however you can purchase additional support staff logins if required.

Providers manage the running and the setup of the programme with an organisation, additional providers can be added to manage smaller regions within an organisation.

Assessors assign and dip sample work, obverse the effectiveness of the tutor teaching and carry out reviews and assessments with the learners.

Depending on the organisation, the roles of the assessor and provider can be carried out by one individual.

Tutors support and teach the learners to complete their assigned modules and reach their goals. Tutors complete reports and measure the progress of each learner with regards to the module.

Modules are topics that are covered within the My Life programme. Currently there are 21 modules.

Learners are those using the programme to gain a more independent life.

To ensure quality, any organisation using My Life will need to agree to a yearly arranged visit from a My Life Verifier.

My Life Verifiers offer support and help to an organisation