Our My Life programme is designed to help anyone, anywhere develop the life skills needed to move towards living independently. Covering numerous modules and incorporating all aspects of life, many people are working through our programme and gaining a more independent, happy and fulfilling life – which is what this project is all about!

Just recently we have had the pleasure of celebrating two success stories of two individuals who have worked their way through the My Life programme and gone on to live independently. Sunnyside House is an Independence Training Home that provides their learners with full access to our software, helping people learn many key life skills from confidence building and time management to keeping fit and active and money management. These new skills are then put into practice out in the community, with each and every step playing a very important part in the process of becoming independent.

To see for yourself the difference our software can make to someone’s life, watch this video of Alan who has now moved on from Sunnyside House and is living independently. From being one of the first ever learners to move into the residence, he began his time not speaking and with very little confidence. To see him now living a happy and self-sufficient life is absolutely fantastic and we wish him all the best! Watch Alan's story now.