Significant improvements made by learner since moving into Sunnyside House

When Elisabeth moved into Sunnyside house her communication skills were very limited. When speaking with Elisabeth she would only ever answer ‘yes’. Elisabeth would not express her needs and wants therefore just going along with what everyone else wanted. Elisabeth’s communication skills have improved greatly, she now initiates and can hold conversations, express when she is not happy about something and says when she wants something. This has enabled staff to really get to know Elisabeth and provide the support that she wants.

Elisabeth has gained knowledge with regards to health and safety around the home and whilst out in the community. When Elisabeth first came to Sunnyside she was not aware of the hazards of things like wet floors, using electrical equipment, crossing roads etc. Elisabeth will now warn others of potential dangers and she tries her best to minimise any potential hazards. She does this either by informing staff of the hazard or for example if someone has mopped the floor she will go and get the wet floor sign and warn others that the floor is wet. When out in the community Elisabeth is able to identify when it is safe to cross the roads. We are currently in the process of preparing Elisabeth to go out independently in the local community with the help of assistive technology. This is a step we did not think was possible when Elisabeth first moved in.

Elisabeth was overweight when she moved into Sunnyside, she attended weight watchers meetings weekly with the support of staff and within a year she reached her goal weight. This was achieved by educating Elisabeth around healthy eating and supporting her to attend meetings. Elisabeth has maintained a healthy weight and has a balanced diet. She is very competent when it comes to knowing healthy and unhealthy foods.