The aim of The Disability Confidence Scheme is to help employers make the most of the opportunities when employing people with disabilities. The scheme challenges people’s attitudes towards disability, helping to increase understanding around this and ensuring that disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. 17.5% people of the working age within the UK are disabled or have a health condition; not considering this 17.5% of people for employment means you are not drawing employees from the widest possible pool of talent. My Life Learning is a Disability Confident employer, meaning we see the potential in all applicants for a job role and do not dismiss someone because they have a learning disability. People with disabilities often struggle to find jobs, The Disability Confidence scheme makes it easier – giving them a fair chance to be employed. Employers often fail to realise that each person, whether they have a learning disability or not, has a unique skill set and brings something valuable to the team. The Disability Confidence employer scheme gives people with learning disabilities a fair opportunity in the workplace.


Responsibilities of a Disability Confident Committed Employer 


By joining the scheme, a business will have many more potential employees to choose from which means they are more likely to find the right employee for their team. Businesses employing someone with a disability need to ensure that they understand the disability and can cater to their needs and requirements. From health services to accessibility, the employer must ensure all necessities are supplied so that they do not encounter a disadvantage within the workplace. The employer also needs to make sure that there are no barriers to the training and development needs as well as making sure that the employee is included in meetings and does not miss any informal communications. Disability Confident employers agree to give equal opportunities to employees with disabilities. By not considering people with disabilities for employment, businesses are missing out on great talent.


Take a look to see other employers that have signed up and see how you too can get involved.