We often hear of county council’s lowering budgets for services for adults living with learning disabilities, which could leave some of the most vulnerable people living in the UK in a position of uncertainty and fear.

There are many ways in which county councils and local authorities can use this budget more effectively to help enrich the lives of people living with learning disabilities – providing them with valuable learning opportunities that will enhance their quality of life and enable them to move on from care setting to a more independent life, ultimately saving councils and local authorities significant funding and resources in this area.

Our long-term solution

The My Life programme is a long-term solution to the pressures care homes face, covering all the necessary modules to support and guide people into reaching independent living, including practical areas, such as personal hygiene and keeping fit, and mental areas, such as building confidence and stress management. The My Life programme is easily accessible and flexible, offering a long-term solution to those in care.

Our unique and specifically designed programme has seen a lot of success from the beginning, receiving various awards; however, our biggest success has been moving many people from residential care into more independent, happy, and secure living situations. We feel it is more important than ever that we continue to help people reach their goals of living independently, relieving pressures on care homes and allowing budgets to be used in a way that is productive.

We provide training to carers and tutors looking to deliver the My Life programme, allowing them to get the very most out of every aspect it covers and encourage those within their care to flourish – which is extremely rewarding.

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