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We're Making Independence Possible

Here at My Life we have the purpose of 'MAKING INDEPENDENCE POSSIBLE'. We achieve this by helping all to live a happy, secure, enjoyable life. We focus on supporting our learners to take charge of their own life and helping them to manage the responsibilities that go along with it.

Our programme covers all aspects of life from managing money to dealing with conflicts. We use a tailored way of teaching that suits each individual, as some gain more from a class room environment and others hands on.

We have had a lot of success from the beginning. We have been awarded many awards in our local council, Thurrock and our county Essex. In 2012 we won the 'Winner of the Winners' accolade from Skills For Care. However our biggest success is that we have been able to move a number of our learners from 24hour residential care to a more independent life.

We understand that not everyone will be able to live in a fully independent manner, however we do believe that everyone can reach their personal level of independence and live in a way that they choose. Supporting our learners is not always easy and at times can be very challenging, but the reward of seeing the learners reach their goal in life far outweighs any obstacle faced.

Andrew Azzopardi – Founder

Our Culture is the corner stone of what we do and who we are. It is the first thing we look at before employing a new team member and is central in our quality assurance process.

It is our aim that everyone in the My Life team uses this culture. Whether you’re the manager of a home, an assessor, tutor or a learner. 

We have found that our culture is vital in ensuring a good, positive working atmosphere. Follow the link below to view our Points of Culture in full.

We have always been passionate about supporting people towards independence. However, when asked by a learner, "How far am I on my independence journey?"

I found that no one could give an exact answer. This simple question sparked the beginning of the My Life programme.

It’s a journey towards independence that can be structured, measured and recorded.


“Helping Everyone Gain Independence, Dignity and Trust”






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