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Making Independence Possible

Here at My Life we have the aim of 'Making Independence Possible. We achieve this by helping all to live a happy, secure, enjoyable life. We focus on supporting our learners to take charge of their own life and helping them to manage the responsibilities that go along with it.

Our programme covers all aspects of life from managing money to dealing with conflicts. We believe in using a tailored way of teaching that suits each person individually, with some people gaining more from a classroom environment and others preferring hands-on learning.

We have had a lot of success from the beginning and been awarded many awards in our local council, Thurrock and our county Essex. In 2012 we won the 'Winner of the Winners' accolade from Skills For Care. However, our biggest success is that we could move many of our learners from 24hour residential care to a more independent life.

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Making Independent Living Possible for People Everywhere

One of the best things about the My Life programme is that it can be accessed from just about anywhere. There are many ways the My Life programme can be used in different environments and below we delve into the benefits and uses for three of our main sectors.


Our programme helps people gain happier, secure and more enjoyable lives as well as saving local authorities and councils significant funds.

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Care Homes

Help develop your learner’s skills both inside and outside the classroom in a structured manner which can be measured and recorded.

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Giving structure and support to the day-to-day lives of parents and consultants who’ve taken on the responsibility of caring for someone.

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